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Different phases

Idea refinement & design

Free workshop

You’ll have a better idea of the feasibility of your idea!

  • Get technical tips
  • Quote clear idea
A clear idea

Small realisation of your idea to use as demonstration.

  • Clickable design
  • Scope refinements
  • Quote prototype



A first version of your idea
to test a concept.

  • Minimal features
  • No throw away code!
  • Ready for testing/demo
  • Quote early launch
Early launch

Features from feedback
added to the prototype.

  • Stable for more users
  • Basic analytics
  • Basic support
  • Ready for small audience
  • Quote go to market
Go to market

A product that shoots
for the stars.

  • UI style guide
  • More in depth features
  • Extended support
  • ...
  • Whatever you like!

In every development phase we take the same steps

(and we do this as often as needed)

  • A clear idea


    Before we can dive into writing code, we discuss what will be done in this phase. That's what we call a scope.

  • Codemonkeys assemble!


    Writing code doesn't mean you have to wait. We keep you up to date with a weekly (virtual) meeting and give you a link to check it out!

  • 3...2...1...Launch!


    The scope that was defined in the first step is now online. Our team tests it as much as we can but if any problems might occur, they are still part of this phase!

  • So what now?


    The more people you talk to, the more ideas you'll get. When a phase is finished we can start a new one or you can choose to wait (and gather feedback for example)!

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